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    High-quality Eco-Friendly Flooring

    Minimum amounts of formaldehyde.

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    NANO Silver Ion Overlay

    It is excellent in abrasion resistance and
    durability, and the silver ions boost great
    antibacterial and insect repellent functions.

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    Authentic Surface texture

    Real Wood-like texture at reasonable price.

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    Micro Bevel

    Classy created the delicate micro bevel to
    add real wooden floor feel.

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    Abrasion, Impact, Scratch Resistance, AC3 Class

    Suitable for both residential & commercial applications.

Class Levels of Use Test
Domestic Commercial
Moderate General Heavy Moderate General identia
21 22 23 31 32 33
AC1 AC2 AC3 AC4 AC5 Annex E
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    Part Replacement

    Can be easily replaced using spare panels
    when damaged.

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    Patterns Variation

    Wide range of design patterns available

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    20 Years Quality Assurance!

    Warranty granted for 20 years.

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    Korea No.1 Flooring Sales

    Korea laminated floor market share No.1 most
    selected brand among customer.

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    Edge Coating

    Provides resistance on moisture and
    protects from humid environment

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    Uniclick System

    Installed by patented uniclick system which
    requires no adhesives during installation
    (Produced under the license of The Unilin group)

1Nano Silver Technology
with Bio-ceramic coated Surface
· Dongwha’s patented Nano Silver overlay will prevent bacteria on the floor.
· Emits far-infrared radiation, which is good for human body.
2Decorative layer · Comes in the widest range of design patterns available.
3Eco-friendly HDF core · Minimum amounts of formaldehyde.
4The back side treatment · Use balanced sheet for highly resistant to moisture and prevention of bending.
5Tongue-in groove system · Installed by using the exquisite uniclick method, which requires no adhesives.