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    Super E0 Top grade Eco-friendly NAF board

    Super E0 eco-friendly which considers consumer’s health by
    using non-added formaldehyde board,
    a high-performance technology that incorporates patented

    NAF Board Patent Application No. 10-2016-0130940
    Invention Name: Manufacturing method of wooden board with excellent
    dimensional stability.
    ※ SE0=F★★★★ / E0=F★★★ / E1=F★★ / E2=F★

    Formaldehyde grade standard SE0 E0 E1
    Dissipation(ppm) Less than 0.3 Less than 0.5 Less than 1.5
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    Moisture barrier and High resilience flooring

    Flooring with strong moisture penetration prevention effect by using NAF board with good water
    resistance and moisture containing Dongwha’s patented board production.

    Expansion Origin Soaking 2hr (Expansion) After Dry 24hr (Restoration)
    NAF Flooring 7.19 8.65 20.4% 7.92 10.1%
    Others HDF Flooring 7.30 16.98 132.5% 16.65 128.0%
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    EIR Surface Texture

    An authentic touch brought to the
    surface that perfectly synchronized with
    a natural wood structure
    for a realistic looking floors.

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    Nano Silver Ion Overlay

    It is excellent in abrasion resistance and
    durability, and the silver ions boost great
    antibacterial and insect repellent functions.

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    Part Replacement

    Installed by patented uniclick system which
    requires no adhesives during installation

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    Patterns Variation

    Wide range of design patterns available.

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    20 Years Quality Assurance!

    Warranty granted for 20 years.

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    Korea No.1 Flooring Sales

    Korea laminated floor market share No.1 most
    selected brand among customer.

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    Edge Coating

    Provides resistance on moisture and
    protects from humid environment

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    Uniclick System

    Installed by patented uniclick system which
    requires no adhesives during installation.
    (Produced under the license of The Unilin group)

1Nano Silver Technology
with Bio-ceramic coated Surface
· Dongwha’s patented Nano Silver overlay will prevent bacteria on the floor.
· Emits far-infrared radiation, which is good for human body.
2Decorative layer · Comes in the widest range of design patterns available.
3Eco-friendly HDF core · Minimum amounts of formaldehyde.
4The back side treatment · Use balanced sheet for highly resistant to moisture and prevention of bending.
5Tongue-in groove system · Installed by using the exquisite uniclick method, which requires no adhesives.